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On the Black Volta River
With Ponderosa

Press Bio

Pete KJ began explorations at age three in a wooded ravine behind his childhood home in Seattle. Peace Corps experience in Africa cemented his deep desire to always be out in the world, and when he finally sat in a cubicle as a chemical engineer it was in places like Puerto Rico and India. Long absent from the cubicle, he moved on to raise kids, travel the world with them, and write about it—and also write genre-hopping novels. His base camp is Longmont, Colorado.

Media Images

Black Volta Audiobook (2020)
Black Volta (2019)
The Maple Leaf, Audiobook (2019)
Base Camp Denver (2019)
The Rooster's Hindquarters, Audiobook (2018)
The Rooster's Hindquarters (2017)
Roaming Around (2016)
Roaming Around, Back Cover
The Maple Leaf (2014)
The Year We Roamed (2013)
The Year We Roamed, Back Cover
The Coins (2012)
Mermelada (2012)