"Well-written, slow burning drama...Author Pete KJ pours affection and knowledge onto the page, in this heartfelt fiction set in the culinary mouthwatering and friendly culture of Ghana."

(Matt McAvoy)

"Lingers in the mind long after the reading."

(D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)

A murderer returns to Africa, seeking atonement for killing an innocent.

Now that Carlos has emptied out his life, his past torments him. He can’t go forward until he goes back—to Ghana—to own up to crimes he committed as a young man.

A woman escapes poverty in Africa, but is trapped in a life supporting those she left behind.

Liz left Ghana and is now a successful career woman in the USA. Freed from the daily oppression of scarcity, she remains under the vice-grip power of her hoarding mother and needy siblings.

Their lives cross…

and each are drawn back to the Black Volta River, to relive harrowing events that transformed them.

The River knows their secrets…

but can it transform their lives again?

Deeply embroidered, utterly believable, the rich tapestry of Ghana—and its startling evolution over three decades—serve as the backdrop for this powerful story about race, love, patriarchy, and personal identity.

©2019; 452 pages

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Denver is known the world over as the gateway to Colorado’s magnificent Rocky Mountains. Four national forests, a national grassland, scores of regional and city parks and preserves, and Rocky Mountain National Park offer hundreds of hiking and walking trails—all within one to three hours of downtown Denver. Base Camp Denver offers you 101 of the best of these great hiking destinations to choose from. Take a day to explore an alpine meadow, walk to a waterfall, hike through a forest, or stroll suburban parklands. Enjoy a spectacular day of spring wildflowers or fall foliage, and still be home by dinnertime. Scramble to the top of a mountain to enjoy a sunrise and still make it to work by eight. With Pete KJ as your guide and Denver as your base camp, the splendor of Colorado’s Front Range is yours to enjoy one day—or even just a few hours—at a time.

©2019, 384 pages

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An adult Harriet-the-Spy, reborn in the form of a quirky dude, gets sucked into a caper way over his head.

Irving can’t function socially, so he spies on people and posts the results on the internet, where he has a cult-like following. Normally careful to preserve his anonymity, he breaks his own rules when he falls in love with pretty plus-sized Veronica, a naughty-Bingo caller. Then she disappears. Should Irving pursue, even as Veronica delves deeper into international drug couriering? When it turns out she’s packing something different than dope in her suitcase, and needs Irving’s help to close the deal, he’s drawn in to play an active role in her underworld.

©2017; 323 pages.

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Where do we want to go?

That’s what Nia and I asked ourselves as she worked her way through elementary school. We tacked a laminated map of the world up in our front room, and kept dry erase markers and a footstool handy. Over the years we went through many iterations. Then we went out and did it! Of course our plans kept on changing, as did we.

Join us as we set out from our home in Colorado and voyage to Florida, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Easter Island, Hawaii, Iceland, Paris, Rome, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok, and Ghana. Photos included!

©2016; 610 pages.

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Personal mistakes. Shared redemption.

Troy and Vincent begin life together on the playground of Maple Leaf Elementary School. It’s Seattle, the 1970s. Vincent is a white student from the neighborhood, while Troy is one of a few African American students bussed in as part of a desegregation program. Vincent quickly admires Troy and befriends him. They share childhood moments such as kickball games, discussions of first crushes, and after-school fishing trips—before their racist environment separates them. As the decades go by, their lives take very different directions. Vincent finishes his time at Maple Leaf, then goes on to high school, college, an internship in London, and—for a time—a successful marriage and career. Troy, on the other hand, begins to suffer as soon as he’s transferred to an elementary school in his own disadvantaged neighborhood. He becomes addicted to drugs in his teen years and cycles deeper and deeper into a life of violence and incarceration. Interwoven throughout the two men’s narratives are stories of Vincent’s aunt, Shirley, and of a compassionate woman named Dolores Moffat, who struggles to find a meaningful place for herself in the world.

“KJ’s novel follows two men across six decades—and across America’s racial divide…He fully immerses readers in the characters’ memories, as well as their healing processes.”—Kirkus

“Captures the times and also moves past those times, giving the reader a strong sense of pain and possibility.”—Victoria Hanley, author of The Healer’s Keep

“A thought-provoking look at recent history through the lens of a changing friendship.”—Indie Reader

Finalist, 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

©2014; 405 pages.

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For fourth grade, Pete and Baraka decided to homeschool…except they didn’t stay home.

Thirteen months later, father and son completed their circumnavigation of the globe. Along the way they learned many great lessons about the world, themselves, and each other.

Join them as they set out from home in Puerto Rico and voyage through Florida, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, London, Denmark, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, India, the Philippines, China, Japan, and Northwest America. Photos included!

“Adventure never gets old!”—Toni Burton

“Funny, engaging, thoughtful.”—Cynthia Burns

“Fun for the viewers because we get to learn so many things about the beautiful unexplored mesmerizing world around us.”— Preena Rajoria

Finalist, Travel/Travel Guide, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

©2013; 588 pages.

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How much is “nothing” worth?

Is it worth four 50-pesewa coins from Ghana? Jude received the coins as a child. Now an adult, he has made it to Singapore as a candidate for a prestigious PhD. He fervently believes academia can save him from his past growing up in Africa, a past of poverty and pain. But far from saving him, his new life seems to be leading him deeper and deeper into conflict.

Across the world in Chile, Noemi struggles with depression and loss, and finds redemption through healing other people. Despite her newfound power and purpose, she lives on the edge of an invisible precipice.

Against all odds, an uncanny connection forms between these two unlikely friends and changes the course of both their lives. And the coins prove that “nothing” might not be what it seems!

©2012; 364 pages.

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A trans taco waitress.

A man painted in silver.

A Haitian priest.

An old lady who dances.

What’s their connection in the streets of Mexico City?

Mermelada: “A mixed jam of fruity characters”

“…through their stories the city comes alive.”-Hilary Shepherd, author of Albi

©2012; 143 pages.

Paperback available at Amazon.